Welcome to our festival…

Entries are now open for our June Digital Performing Arts Festival.

If it is not possible to travel far to compete in a festival, or you wanted to try out a new routine and see how you get on in a section with other likewise dancers, then this could be for you.

We are the first and original digital online festival and we initiated the first festival this year in the Easter break of 2020.

Maybe you have just had a festival cancelled for whatever reason and would still love to perform and compete then why not use this Digital Online Performing Arts Festival as a stop-gap while you are waiting to compete in a conventional regional stage festival. 

Or possibly you would like to compete and build your courage up first to try out a new routine and see where you would be placed. 

Or if you are a novice and would like to enter a festival and your teacher would like you to have the experience of a festival, yet you are not ready to go on a festival stage, then this is definitely for you!

Competitions such as Dance World Cup qualifiers and submissions to Dance Proms and other talent events can be entered by a video footage submission to see if you gain a place into their finals. 

These qualifying sections are adjudicated by the judging panel sitting and watching who is eligible to be placed in the their category of performance to go through for a place of representation into the final.

Well, with us you can compete, just like a usual regional stage festival or competition but your dance is viewed and judged in the same way without you travelling miles to a venue, entry fees to the venue for the family and all that extra expenditure incurred. 

When you see your name come up on the programme page with the time of your routine, you could even put your costume on at home with hair and make-up done and perform your routine to the family at the very same time as being adjudicated by us. 

Above all, you are scrutinised by professional adjudicators who are DBS and chaperone licensed, so no need to fill in loads of extra paperwork that you would normally be required for a live stage performance festival. 

Well, sections have grown from the first event, now with extra categories such as duets, trios, quartets and even groups with footage that can be submitted from festivals, shows or events. 

Even film your own duet and trio if you are residing together in lockdown. 

The festival was set up because of our present situation around the country. So we will hold our online festival every few weeks so that you all could get to perform and compete with all of your routines and keep them fresh on a regular basis until we get back onstage.

Our professional adjudicator will be well known on the festival and theatre circuit too, with a thorough in-depth knowledge of the performing arts industry and the expectancy and know-how of how a conventional stage festival would run.

It’s exciting and fun with an ongoing page to see who the winners are with their photos up on the HALL OF FAME page

You will also get report sheets with written critiques and marks and certificates emailed to you once the festival has finished, adjudicated just like any other festival in the country.

Those who are winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, will receive their medals through the post.

So anticipation there for all the family, when the winners are notified and all from your own home.

Go on, enter now!