August section results

Here are the results of our online Digital Performing Arts Festival. We would like to thank everyone who took part from the initial first festival back in April right through ‘lockdown’ to this final August festival.

Thank you for your kind words, lovely feedback and your patience. It has been challenging at times in getting everything produced but we have been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and willingness to participate in these difficult times. We hope soon, that festivals will be live once more and there have already been encouraging signs with Craig adjudicating a festival in Sevenoaks recently.

Stay safe everyone and keep positive and most of all keep performing…

Baby section

Baby Cabaret – age 3-5 years

1Eliza SmithModern1st – 86
2Emmie JonesLyrical2nd – 85
3Fearne MudieTap
4Heidi BrandishS&D
5Hennie BrandishS&D
6Lily JonesLyrical
7Fearne MudieS&D
8Emmie JonesModern
9Fearne MudieLyrical
10Richard Martin-JonesLyrical
11Fearne MudieModern3rd – 84

Baby Classical – age 3-5 years

1Fearne MudieBallet
2Heidi BrandishGreek
3Hennie BrandishBallet
4Richard Martin-JonesCharacter3rd – 84
5Stevie WickensCharacter1st – 86
6Heidi BrandishBallet
7Hennie BrandishCharacter
8Richard Martin-JonesNational
9Heidi BrandishCharacter2nd – 85

Juvenile section

Juvenile Cabaret – age 6-8 years

1Britney SheehanS&D
2Ebony WallaceS&D
3Scarlett HilesModern
4Lacie-Mae KennedyModern
5Shaya HarrisS&D1st – 88
6Ava HarmsworthS&D
7Poppy UnwinS&D
8Anabelle GrimesLyrical
9Poppy UnwinModern
10Isabelle SmithModern2nd – 87
11Mahalia Martin-JonesAcro
12Anabelle GrimesModern
13Immi AlsopLyrical
14Layney BallardS&D
15Immi AlsopS&D
16Bow WickensS&D
17Sophie GroenendaaModern3rd – 86
18Immi AlsopStreet/Hip Hop

Juvenile Classical – age 6-8 years

1Amelia BakerBallet
2Mahalia Martin-JonesCharacter
3Emilia GriffinBallet
4Annie BourkeBallet3rd – 85
5Isabelle SmithBallet1st – 87
6Shaya HarrisCharacter2nd – 86
7Mahalia Martin-JonesNational

Junior section

Junior Cabaret – age 9-11 years– Group A

1Amber-Lily BarhanLyrical
2Bella WilliamsModern
3Charlotte HelyerTap
4Connie GilesS&D
5Cristine AnicieteLyrical
6Evie ArmstrongAcro
7Fireniece StaffordModern2nd – 89
8Florrie MorganModern
9Havannah Millward JenkinsS&D
10Holly UrenModern
11Valentene PanayiS&D
12Isabella WhitakerModern
13Zara MalinowskiLyrical
14Jax FennerS&D
15Kaitlyn McFallAcro
16Lexie FretwellTap
17Charlotte HelyerS&D
18Evie ArmstrongLyrical
19Oliver IronsTap3rd – 88
20Lexie MacklinS&D
21Bella WilliamsLyrical
22Cristine AnicieteModern
23Havannah Millward JenkinsTap1st – 90
24Lily RandallS&D
25Evie ArmstrongModern
26Meryn WilsonTap
27Lydia Watts-CarlsonModern
28Lexie FretwellS&D

Junior Cabaret – age 9-11 years – Group B

29Sithmi SenaratneTap
30Milena GiaconeModern
31Amber-Lily BarhanTap
32Niah HopkinsonAcro
33Mia ByersModern
34Saffron HolmanModern1st – 90
35Lexie MacklinLyrical
36Havannah Millward JenkinsModern
37Niah HopkinsonS&D
38Amber-Lily BarhanS&D
39Evie ArmstrongTap
40Lexie FretwellModern
41Milena GiaconeTap
42Meryn WilsonModern
43Lydia Watts-CarlsonLyrical
44Lily RandallModern
45Saffron HolmanLyrical
46Valentene PanayiModern2nd – 89
47Amber-Lily BarhanModern
48Kaitlyn McFallTap
49Niah HopkinsonModern3rd – 88
50Charlotte HelyerModern
51Evie ArmstrongS&D
52Niah HopkinsonTap
53Sithmi SenaratneS&D
54Oliver IronsS&D
55Valentene PanayiTap
56Zara MalinowskiModern

Junior Classical – age 9-11 years – Group A

1Amber-Lily BarhanBallet
2Ava HaleCharacter
3Ayla OrsbornGreek
4Bronte MacklinNational
5Charlotte HelyerBallet
6Cristine AnicieteNational
7Evie ArmstrongCharacter
8Florrie MorganNational
9Isabella WhitakerCharacter
10Lexie FretwellBallet
11Lexie MacklinCharacter2nd – 88
12Isabella CowlesBallet
13Lydia Watts-CarlsonContemporary
14Kaitlyn McFallBallet
15Holly UrenCharacter
16Amber-Lily BarhanGreek3rd – 87
17Ayla OrsbornCharacter1st – 89
18Meryn WilsonNational
19Lexie FretwellGreek

Junior Classical – age 9-11 years – Group B

20Havannah Millward JenkinsCharacter
21Oliver IronsBallet
22Milena GiaconeBallet
23Bronte MacklinCharacter
24Cristine AnicieteBallet
25Summer BarkerContemporary
26Kaitlyn McFallCharacter
27Joseph SharpeContemporary
28Lexie MacklinBallet
29Valentene PanayiCharacter
30Amber-Lily BarhanCharacter
31Ayla OrsbornBallet
32Saffron HolmanContemporary2nd – 89
33Niah HopkinsonBallet3rd – 88
34Lexie FretwellCharacter
35Francesca CaseBallet1st – 90
36Meryn WilsonCharacter
37Mia ByersBallet
38Valentene PanayiNational
39Lexie FretwellNational

Intermediate section

Intermediate Cabaret – age 12-14 years – Group A

1Rose HegartyLyrical
2Darcie NortonModern
3Melissa ConnollyModern
4Amelia EnglandS&D
5Melissa ConnollyLyrical
6Imogen DarwenModern
7Raige BedfordTap3rd – 87
8Lola TatnerModern
9Ella ScatesModern
10Niamh HallModern
11Imogen DarwenTap1st – 89
12Evie StewartLyrical2nd – 88
13Zoë EnnisModern
14Niamh HallTap
15Imogen DarwenLyrical
16Kristina MurphyTap
17Lola TatnerS&D
18Polly AsberyS&D
19Amelia EnglandTap

Intermediate Cabaret – age 12-14 years – Group B

20Grace HeaffeyModern
21Evie StewartTap
22Ella ScatesS&D
23Hermione WattsModern
24Zoë EnnisTap
25Darcie NortonLyrical3rd – 89
26Saoirse LehaneTap1st – 91
27Elsie HillLyrical2nd – 90
28Maisy SavageModern
29Ione Nova StockLyrical
30Tiana BishopModern
31Isabella WoodcockS&D
32Maisy SavageLyrical
33Ione Nova StockModern
34Evie StewartS&D
35Maisy SavageTap
36Amelia EnglandModern

Intermediate Classical – age 12-14 years

1Ione Nova StockCharacter
2Ebony HedgeBallet
3Evie StewartContemporary
4Kristina MurphyBallet
5Lili-mae DoddContemporary
6Lola TatnerBallet
7Rose HegartyCharacter
8Saoirse LehaneNational1st – 90
9Amelia EnglandGreek
10Evie StewartBallet
11Cheryl Chan Yen WernBallet
12Maisy SavageCharacter
13Lola TatnerContemporary3rd – 88
14Amelia EnglandBallet
15Kristina MurphyCharacter
16Darcie NortonBallet
17Maisy SavageGreek
18Evie StewartCharacter
19Elsie HillBallet2nd – 89
20Grace HeaffeyContemporary
21Niamh HallBallet
22Amelia EnglandCharacter
23Tiana BishopBallet
24Maisy SavageContemporary

Senior section

Senior Cabaret – age 15-18 years

1Caitlin EnnisLyrical
2Dior BedfordModern
3Hannah MinnessS&D
4Katie AlfordModern2nd – 88
5Caitlin EnnisModern
6Laney Rae StockStreet
7Dior BedfordTap
8Katie AlfordLyrical
9Caitlin EnnisS&D
10Laney Rae StockTap3rd – 87
11Caitlin EnnisTap
12Imogen ChambersLyrical1st – 89

Senior Classical – age 15-18 years

1Amelia NewmanBallet1st – 87
2Emily HegartyContemporary
3Hannah MinnessCharacter3rd – 85
4Hannah MinnessContemporary
5Katie AlfordContemporary2nd – 86

Duets, Trios, Quartets section

1Bronte Macklin & Ebony WallaceS&D Duet
2Caitlin & Zoe EnnisModern Duet
3Charlotte Helyer, Bella Read, Nancy Kerr- Elliott & Teigan- Lea FagaCharacter Quartet
4Connie Giles & Lily RandallS&D Duet
5Darcie Norton, Hannah Turner & Lucie PaskinLyrical Trio
6Ella Scates & Olivia Slade-Heys Modern Duet3rd – 87
7Evie Stewart & Lily Mae PollardBallet Duet
8Francesca Case, Alexis Gilbert, RubyBallet Trio2nd – 88
9Kaitlyn McFall & Lexi RowlesAcro Duet
10Lili-mae Dodd, Hannah Turner & Darcie NortonModern Trio
11Lizzie Painting & Aaliyah DochertyContemporary Duet
12Lola Tatner & Ebony HedgeModern Duet
13Megan Baxter, Niamh Hall, Lola Tatner & Ebony HedgeBallet Quartet1st – 89
14Sofia Lau, Imogen Darwin & Lola TatnerS&D Trio
15Evie Stewart & Zoë EnnisModern
16Lizzie Painting & Aaliyah DochertyCommercial Duet
17Megan, Niamh, Lola & EbonyModern Quartet

Musical Theatre Styles

1Allie-Jane O’NeillSolo song
2Aoibhinn QuinnSolo song
3Bow WickensSolo song
4Connie GilesSolo song
5Eloise EarlDrama
6Eve BoyleSolo song
7Evie ArmstrongSolo song
8Fireniece StaffordSolo song
9Hannah MinnessSolo song
10Iris HudsonDrama3rd – 88
11Jax FennerSolo song
12Kayla GormanDrama
13Laney StockSolo song
14Lexie FretwellMusical Theatre
15Lily RandallSolo song
16Lily TofteDrama
17Millie TailbySolo song
18Niamh KeeganSolo song
19Polly AsberySolo song
20Shaya HarrisMusical Theatre2nd – 89
21Sithmi SenaratneDrama
22Stevie WickensSolo song
23Iris HudsonSolo song
24Lily TofteSolo song1st – 90

Choreography challenge

1Ayla Orsborn3rd tie – 85
2Ione Stock3rd tie – 85
3Isabella Woodcock2nd – 86
4Laney Stock1st – 87

Cabaret Championship

1Eliza SmithModern
2Emmie Jones Lyrical
3Fearne Mudie Modern
4Shaya Harris S & D
5Isabelle Smith Modern
6Sophie Groenendaa Modern
7Fireniece Stafford Modern
8Oliver Irons Tap
9Havannah Millward-Jenkins Tap
10Saffron Holman Modern
11Valentene Panayi Modern
12Niah Hopkinson Modern
13Raige Bedford Tap
14Imogen Darwen Tap
15Evie Stewart Lyrical
16Darcie Norton Lyrical
17Saoirse LehaneTap
18Elsie Hill Lyrical
19Katie Alford Modern
20Laney Rae Stock Tap
21Imogen Chambers Lyrical
WinnerImogen ChambersLyrical

Classical Championship

No NameStyle/Genre
1Richard Martin-Jones Character
2Stevie Wickens Character
3Heidi Brandish Character
4Annie Bourke Ballet
5Isabelle Smith Ballet
6Shaya Harris Character
7Lexie Macklin Character
8Amber-Lily Barhan Greek
9Ayla Orsborn Character
10Francesca Case Ballet
11Saffron Holman Contemporary
12Niah Hopkinson Ballet
13Saoirse Lehane National
14Lola Tatner Contemporary
15Elsie Hill Ballet
16Amelia Newman Ballet
17Hannah Minness Character
18Katie Alford Contemporary
WinnerSaoirse LehaneNational