How to enter the competition

Details of how this online competition is adjudicated/judged are as follows:

Entering either Ballroom sections, Latin sections or both in all categories, competitors can only enter as:

1 A solo competitor to dance alone as if they have a partner (whether male or female) to take their role as usual, although dance their routines alone. 

Depending on ability and level, the competitor will show promising, good or excellent core control and core stability by this online procedure and marks will not be reduced if you are dancing as a solo competitor.


2 Couples that live together in the lockdown scenario and wish to enter each routine dancing together. You would enter as a couple and be marked as a couple and not individually.


3 You are more than welcome to enter ONE routine in any category as a solo male, solo female and/or as a couple.

For Example:

If you are a couple and wish to enter the Paso Doble as a couple, then you cannot enter the Paso Doble in the same category as a soloist.

If you are a soloist and wish to enter the Paso Doble, then you cannot enter as a couple as well. It is one or the other.

This applies to all of the dance styles and categories.


Any performer who participates in any sections entered, will do so at his/her own risk when filming their footage.

The competition will not be held responsible for any injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating.

The competition will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur.

Entry fees

All Solos £5.00 (per person)
All Couples £8.00 (per couple)

Full payment and entries to be in no later than the stated closing date.

The competition will be held and judged on the announced dates.

Once entries and payments are made they are non refundable.

Payments are by online method into the DPA Festival account only.

Entry procedure

Go to the entry form page and tick the boxes that you want to enter in whatever sections apply and then submit this.

The next step, once you have recorded your performances, is to upload the videos to us by We TransferMake sure you clearly label your videos with the name of the competitor/s and dance style/s. Then in the ‘We Transfer’ dialogue box, add your clearly labelled video files, put our email address in the ‘Email to’ box, your email address in the ‘Your email’ box and then in the Message’ box add in the following for each video attachment:

  1. Name of competitor/s
  2. Age group of competitor/s
  3. Dance style (eg: Ballroom/Quickstep or Latin/Jive)

Please label each video file with the name of the entrant and the genre.

Then submit

After submitting your entry form and videos then please make your payment to the DPA Festival. Details are on the entry form and you will also get a reminder once the entry form has been submitted.

After all this has been done, you will at some point receive a receipt of payment which will show how much you have paid and for which entrants and sections.

You can enter one of every dance within your age group.