Medals, certificates and report sheets


The adjudicator will deliver the results of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places by filmed footage on our festival website. 

Actual medals will be posted to the winning recipients. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals

A photo screen shot of the winning performers will go onto our HALL OF FAME page as proof of winning that particular routine/performance. 

(You will need to tick the disclaimer for parent/guardian approval for photos on the entry form.)

Submissions of actual dances/routines/sections will not be viewed due to child welfare protection and copyright of the performance.

Medal placings chart

77 & underFair
78 – 80Pass
81 – 84Merit Certificate
85 – 89Distinction Certificate
90 + overHonours Certificate

Certificates and report sheets

Certificates and reports sheets will be emailed to you with your place in the section at the conclusion and closing of the festival viewed by the adjudicator.

Sections will be programmed for the adjudicator to adjudicate, and just like a usual theatre based festival which will be put on our website once all the entries are in.

The supreme champion will receive a certificate and a trophy.

The choreographic/improvisation challenge winner will receive a trophy and an recorded interview for them to keep and use for furthering their professional career path.

The marks descriptions

90 + – honoursAn exceptional performance both
technically and artistically
85 – 89 – distinction A convincing performance technically
and artistically
81 – 84 – meritA capable performance showing some
artistic appreciation technical ability
78 – 80 – passA performance showing development
of technique and /or communication
77 or under – fairA performance limited in its communication

After the adjudication

After the section places has been awarded, your submitted footage will then be immediately deleted from our systems apart from a tiny snippet (eight bars) which is used on our ‘winners’ film on the HALL OF FAME page.

Personal entry details will be completely deleted one week after the completion of the festival in accordance and guidelines of GDPR.

Entry fees tariff

Any solo / any age (price per person)£5.00
Christmas challenges (6–18 years only)£5.00
Any duet / any age (price per duet)£6.00
Any trio or quartet / any age (price per trio/quartet)£8.00
Groups – any style / any age / inclusive of any number of competitors involved (price per group)£8.00

Closing date for all entry forms, payments and videos Sunday 29 November 2020

The festival will be adjudicated between 11–13 December 2020.

Results will be announced and put up on our website by 19 December 2020.

Once entries and payments are made they are non refundable.
Payments are by online method.