Ballroom & Latin rules

Digital submissions only

  1. By entering this competition you are deemed to be in acceptance of these rules without exception.
  2. This competition is for amateurs who do not derive the main part of their income from teaching or performance of any performing arts genres.
  3. The age of the entrants is taken on the closing date of the festival. If dates of birth are incorrect then this may lead to disqualification, proof can/may be asked for.
  4. The adjudicator’s decision is final and no discussions or correspondence concerning such decision may arise.
  5. Competitors may submit one performance in each age category and genre.
  6. Dancers must perform in their video footage as if they are participating at a usual competition scenario, ie: Costume, hair and make up presented when being filmed.
  7. All footage must be ready to go with the performer verbally stating who they are, how old they are and what genre/title they will be performing.
  8. Performance footage must be set ready to play and the competition will not accept responsibility for bad quality footage. Please make sure there is only one performance video on each entry form that you submit. If there are more than one routine on the footage, it is then up to you to split the video into separate files before submission.
  9. Timing will be counted from the first note of the music track, if you over run the time limited set for your section, a penalty will incur within your marks.
  10. Ballroom and Latin music should have no vocals and be completely instrumental.
  11. Competitors are not allowed to dance with breakable props or dangerous objects.
  12. If props are required in any performance, the competitor must be able to handle them without assistance.
  13. Organisers of the festival reserve the right to amend the rules as and when it is considered necessary for the benefit and smooth running of the competition and online safety and security of competitors.
  14. No digital enhancement will be accepted. EG. Photoshop, digital backgrounds, etc.
  15. The organisers of the festival do not hold themselves responsible for any injury or damage sustained when filming your performance.
  16. It is up to the parent/guardian/entrants whether they submit footage from previous competitions, taken in the studio, or onstage at a venue/ballroom.
  17. Footage can also be submitted if your property has an adequate space available to perform the routine.
  18. If you are submitting footage from a previous stage festival (theatre subjects), competition (Ballroom & Latin), then the performer/s must have been in that section within the last twelve months of our closing date.
  19. Entry fees MUST be submitted and paid for in full at the same time as the footage is submitted.
  20. Once footage has been accepted via ‘We Transfer’, entry fees will not be refunded.
  21. Your dance teacher MUST have acknowledgement that you are entering this festival and the organizer MUST have your tick of approval on the entry form that your teacher has approved you to submit their dance choreography.