Terms and conditions

  1. No late entries or alterations will be allowed after the programme has gone onto our website, except where a mistake has been made by the DPA Festival.
  2. Please ensure that all entrants are placed in the correct classes and entered into the correct age groups when entering online. Once the programme has gone onto our webpage, changes will not be made.
  3. Programme times will be announced on our website under the dates and section times page after the closing date collation of entries have been arranged and numbered.
  4. The sections will be programmed exactly the same as a conventional stage festival and the time of the performing entrant will be exactly when being viewed by the adjudicators.
  5. Entries will only be accepted on the official website entry form and not by personal email, etc.
  6. All videos to be sent to info@digitalperformingartsfestival.org by We Transfer.

Any performer who participates in any sections entered, will do so at his/her own risk when filming their footage.

The festival will not be held responsible for any injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating. 

The Festival will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur.

Entry fees for the stage festival:

£5.00 (per person): All solo / any age

£8.00 (per couple): All couples / any age

Champion class is FREE of charge and one competitor will be chosen from any one solo only that the adjudicator felt stood out from the rest of your competitors over the whole Ballroom / Latin sections. The winning competitor will be named our Champion of Champions!

Payment and dates

Full payment and entries to be in no later than Sunday 5 July 2020.

Festival will be held and judged on the 18 – 19 July 2020

Once entries and payments are made they are non refundable.

Payments to be made online to the DPA Festival, details supplied once you have submitted your entry form.