Thank you’s and acknowledgement

Thank you to all these schools for getting involved in our Christmas 2020 festival.

Adele Taylor Dance

Amelia K Academy

Bond school of Dance

Briar Dance Academy

Central Dance Academy

Cheshunt Dance and Performing Arts School

Classique School of Dance

CM School of Singing and Drama


Dance in Motion Academy

Dance Industry

William & Luisa DanceWorld

Dane for Life Acadamy

Deborah Manning School Of Dance

Elev8 Studios

ElliTe Studios

Elsden School of Dance

Extreme Dance Academy

Fearons Middleton school of dance

Fusion House of Dance

Greenhaff Dance

Harlequin Stage School

Ingram Academy

Ingram School of Performing Arts

Jackie Lynn Dance Studios

Jayne A Coleman Academy Of Dance

Jordon School of Dance

Julie Sianne Theatre Arts

Kahli Lewis Dance Company

Karen Turner

Kelly Sheen

Kerry Watson Step Up Dance Studios

Kilburn School of Dance


Lisa’s Dance Academy

LJC Academy of Dance and Drama

LT Dance

Lucie Downer Performing Arts

Lumsdale Theatre Arts

LW Dance

Maria Anderson

Mclaren Dance Company

Moondance Studios


Natalie Tough Dance School

Nazene Danielle Dance Dynamic

North Star Academy

Paris Perrforming Arts

Rebekah’s Dance School

Rhodes Dance Academy

Roshe Performing Arts

Ruth Stein School of Dance

Starlight Dance Academy

Starstruck Dance Academy

Stenhouse School of Dance

Teddington Dance Studio

Terri Jayne Theatre Arts

The Rhodes Academy of Dance

Theatre Skills Academy

Timestep Academy of Dance

Tracy Quaife Theatre Dance School

Trinity Theatre Arts

Victoria Ballet

VOX Dance Studio